Betty Boop Vanilla Cupcakes with Royal Icing

imagePhoto by Janicke Old

Super chic!

These Betty Boop cupcakes were the talk of the town. Gives that Sex and the City feel. Hip and soo girly.

A young lady ordered these for her co-worker’s birthday.
She loved them!!!

The cupcake toppers were made from royal icing. A very simple recipe.
2 egg whites, 3 cups confectioners sugar and 2 or 3 tablespoons of water (depending on the desired consistency).

When piping, the icing will be more thick and when filling in the icing should be a bit thinner. Having the right tips are important to get the really detailed.

Whatever your design is, outline and build three times for sturdy piece and then fill.

Caution, egg whites are raw so this is not recommended for children or elderly consumption.

*Note: Substitute egg white for two to three tablespoons of Meringue powder


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