2014 Graduation Cake w Fondant


Photo by Janicke Old

2014 Graduation Cake. Royal blue, white and gold.

I made this 12′ inch three layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, for a young lady’s graduation in Riverview, Fl. The grad cap is made out of styrofoam and covered in fondant.

What I enjoyed about making this cake was having free range to design and create the final product.

When using styrofoam please be careful not to use the green styrofoam that you would find in Wal-Mart because it tends to shed and you do not want plastic shavings anywhere near the cake. The white styrofoam is much more durable, no shedding and easier to handle. It is possible to use the green if the store is out of the white one however, you will have to unwrap it, brush off the excess dust (actually use a damp cloth and wipe off the excess dust) and cover it completely with fondant.

I made this cake with a very moist vanilla recipe which includes vanilla pudding. Along with a classic buttercream frosting recipe.


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