Mini Apple Sugar Cookie Pie

Out of 5 Apples, I used 3 apples to make these Mini Apple Sugar Cookie Pies. This is great for anyone to make when needing a quick and simple recipe. I made this recipe with homemade apple filling and with a sugar cookie dough for topping. If you can’t find or make your grandmothers favorite apple pie recipe, this is an easy alternative, and if you need an ultra fast way for tonights get together or dessert for dinner the you can buy canned apple pie filling and Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. Semi-Homemade! This is a cute way to give individual apple pies to your family and friends, as I did for any occasion or for Thanksgiving.

You can find the recipe for the homamade apple pie filling and sugar cookie dough in my other post;

Apple Cinnamon Tart


2 Comments Add yours

  1. brilliantcakes3000 says:

    Few Pointers:

    Lightly fill the bottom of the pan with the cookie dough mixture, then fill the middle with your apple filling, and last apply several heaping spoons of cookie dough on top.
    It all depends on how thick you like your crust and topping.

  2. Madalina says:

    Great Blog:P

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