Knock Up Part 2: Donuts?







Well if knock ups had another name  I don’t know what it would be, maybe my Donuts? In my other post, I talked about my cinnamon roll knock up.  So here’s my version of donuts from left over dough. The dough I used was from my cinnamon rolls. First, let me say that I currently do not own donut cutters The only cutters I had that would be a good next choice was a heart shape one. So, being that I was in the experimenting mood, I fried my donuts and rolled them around in powered sugar. (I think powered sugar will make anything taste good). Now like everyone who knows and likes donuts.. always say that it taste better when hot. So my knock up did taste good hot and covered in powered sugar, except that they were a little tough and chewy. After cooling down, that’s another story! So stay tune and look out for when I make truly soft, fluffy donuts.


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