White Cake Mix Cookies Part: 2

In my last post, I made Lemon cookies from a lemon cake mix. So I decided to try the same recipe, with a white cake mix to simulate sugar cookies, and also to see if this recipe would be better when making sugar cookies with a little add and minus here and there. These cookies came out prefect, they were rich and soft. One review I got said, “the cookies are moist, rich and missing a glass of milk”. Now, here is a quick and simple recipe for cookies that can be transformed into any flavored or type of cookie. Pecans, chocolate chip, all chocolate, and hazelnuts are just a few ideas, from dozens.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. craftyjuicebroker says:

    I am going to try this…

  2. bread recipes says:

    great recipes thanks for share i’m looking for this

  3. Kelly says:


  4. brilliantcakes3000 says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You will find the recipe on the side of the Pillsbury White Cake Mix box.

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