Mrs Cookie Cutters

As my passion grew for baking, and experimenting with different recipes, I started collecting cookie cutters. My favorite stores are Marshall’s, Ross, Burlington and T.J. Max, where I find great cookbooks and baking items such as many different cookie cutters. I look for and buy all sizes, shapes, and designs. Usually every holiday, there’s new cutters to look for. Currently, I have Valentines day, Halloween, and Christmas themes. I use my cutters for sugar cookie recipes. One day I was surfing the home decor isles of Ross, and found this huge gingerbread cookie cutter, I immediately secured it in my shopping kart. The best way to find either the same, different or even the matching piece to an already existing item is to go to all the same stores in different areas, close by. You would find me at almost all the locations closes to me, searching for cutters, dishes for display, and much more. Right now, I am on the search for some vintage cutters, I hope to find a great collection of vintage cutters. You can collect these cookie cutters and others like I have on My Amazon Shopping .


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