Todays Grocery List

Today, I had the idea to make some brownies or chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I am planning to take a trip to my local grocery store here in Miami,Fl. I always end up thinking of new and old favorites to bake. So heres whats on my list, because the store that i am going to does have a sale.. but we will see if I don’t end up bringing more then what I had planned.

Cranberry juice (gallon) $5.19 buy 1 get one free, Pepsi/Mountain Dew 4 12pks for $10.00 plus get 1 free, Cereal $4.09 buy 1 get one free (I am a huge cereal fan),  Milk $3.79, Eggs $1.79,  Brownie mix 2 for $4.00 (This is only for storage, because I love to make my famous brownies from scratch), Cherries, Walnuts Chocolate chip morsels, Dutch cocoa powder, Water 24pk $3.79.


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