Who doesn’t love cookies? If there is anyone out there who does not like cookies, then I need to convert them! All cookies are good cookies. There are many different types of cookies, and/or styles of cookies. In some parts of the world, what we call “cookies” are called “biscuits”. There are many styles such as,  Drop cookies, Cut out or Molded, Pressed and many more. Sugar cookies are my favorite and once you find a good recipe, it is all good from there. When I make sugar cookies, I always decorate them. Also being an artist, I wanted to create a scene on my cookies without associating it to the actual cut out shape.


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  1. Those are beeeyutifull! I love the clothes cookie. It looks like the illustrations from the old children’s book 100 Dresses!

  2. Are those seriously cookies, they look amazing! I love both illustrations very much and they definitely look like cakes. Do you airbrush the designs on?

  3. I love cookies sooo much, and the pictured ones look amazing! It must have taken ages to make them look that delicious!

  4. brilliantcakes3000 says:

    Thank you,

    And all I did was paint onto the cookies with gel food coloring. I am also an artist so it took no time. 🙂 I recently posted new cookies as well…

  5. I agree! I love cookies. I wish I could decorate like you, by the time i get to the decorating I am usually out of motivation and end up doing the most basic designs. How do you get the almost crayon like effect?

  6. brilliantcakes3000 says:


    Thank you! I used gel food coloring and a paint brush. I used the food coloring just the same as if I was using watercolor paints. Very light coloring and a lot of water. Sorry for the delayed response.

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